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1Pliké140 unveiled this Saturday an unreleased single called Nothing is Impossible , a title produced in collaboration with Adidas and Bayern Munich.

Revealed last year with the advent of the Drill scene in France, 1Pliké140 has perfectly succeeded in confirming his hopes in 2021, further thickening his discography with the 3rd mix-tape of his career, Arrêtez-le . An 8-track opus released by surprise at the beginning of April which was followed by a few songs balanced throughout the year. In November, the native of Clamart (92) also appeared on the 1st collab ‘of his young career, agreeing to pose with Niska on 140G , extract from the latest Charo project entitled Le monde est méchant . Niska was not mistaken, moreover, since he insisted on putting the single in an image, undoubtedly very happy that 1Pliké140 responded favorably to his invitation. Obviously, it will be interesting to watch if he continues with this idea of ​​opening up to other artists or if this collaboration will remain exceptional.

A collaboration with Adidas and Bayern Munich

In order to make this great year a point of honor, 1Pliké had the honor to collaborate with Adidas and especially Bayern Munich to produce a new song, Nothing is impossible , a reference to the famous slogan of the German equipment manufacturer Impossible is nothing. A collab ‘obviously put in image and which, like the song, remains within the standards proposed by the rapper who has all the same incorporated some match images and punches’ evoking certain players, such as the emblematic Manuel Neuer. This track is reminiscent of what Adidas had done in the past with MHD , who had produced a track to accompany the video presenting the Real Madrid shirts at the dawn of the 2016/17 season.

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