2KBABY reveals G Herbo is his favorite artist, talks about his career like Lebron James’

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2KBABY released an 11 track album on Friday December 10th. Entitled First Quarter, this album made 2KBABY talk during an interview with HipHopDX.

The new album of 2kbaby, signature of Warner Records is in the helmets since this Friday, December 10, 2021. Like any artist who has made a new release, the artist from Louisville has been asked by HipHopDX for an exclusive interview. On a couch with The Interviewer and finishing his cigarette, 2KBABY answered questions from HipHopDX. During this interview, the rapper returned to his new trend towards melodies and his new album First Quarter. He also addressed the question of his influences, melody side and he also looked at his previous project of 2020 Pregame Rituals.  

Under the influence of G Herbo

To appreciate all the efforts and changes that 2KBABY has made in her style, the artist dived during the interview, her fans in her teenage years. Formerly known as Lil Sage, the rapper has notified how carried away he is with G-Herbo’s music . “  Like I’ve never broken a note in my whole life,  ” he said. “  Like a lot of artists, you know, listening to their interviews, either them or a friend or family member, you think, ‘oh yeah, he was in the church choir or he was singing at the church. home ‘, but it wasn’t me. I didn’t do that. My favorite rapper was G Herbo when I was 14. So I was just spitting on an MC. “. In addition to designating his favorite rapper, 2KBABY also reiterated that he had no melodic influence as a personal experience lived during his adolescence.

All great stories start with a radical change

Many stars when revealing their pasts have said that they had to change their surroundings before they could climb to the top. The cases are legion. We can cite Master P who had to leave New Orleans to set up his No Limit Records box in Richmond, California at the age of 19. We can also talk about Will Smith who had to move to Los Angeles due to debts and tax lawsuits. Just like them, 2KBABY also made such a decision on a whim when they left Kentucky for Atlanta due to a legal issue. “  I left my town when I was 17, got stuck for, you know, a little AR [assault rifle] or something,  ” he began. ” I got out of there, got my car out of the impound. I had been at the hotel for a week. So I already had everything in my car and you know the police tore up my car. They ripped my radio off my car and everything. As soon as I got out I was like, “Boom, I have a case, they took my radio. It would be stupid for me to copy another Yeah, and go back to the streets with everything that’s going on. I had information about my father’s family side in Atlanta, but I lost touch with them when I was 10 because of the court system. So I just got my car out of the impound and hopped onto the road, just over a wing shit.  “. Did the rapper make the best decision of his life?

Thanks to the police for helping out

The artist’s decision to travel to Atlanta was very instinctive. And the rapper’s instinct will not have played a bad trick on him since this decision allowed him to open a new chapter in his musical career. “During that five or six hour drive to Atlanta, with no radio, I started singing in the car,  ” he says. ”  For a year or two I was in Atlanta, in my basement, perfecting the sound and that’s really what Pregame Rituals was, you know?” I was talking about everything I had experienced before. So First Quarter for me is like I said, the beginning of using this sound that I discovered and perfected in other ways, in other forms . ”

The evolution of man since Pregame Rituals

When you listen to 2KBABY on “Zack And Cody” with the DX 2021 Rising Star, DDG, you have the impression of listening to a maestro. But the man who has already collaborated with Chief Keef, JAY-Z, Lil Durk and 25 rappers G Herbo, has reiterated his evolution over time through his works and he also revealed that his story is inspired by basketball player Lebron James. . “For me, ‘First Quarter’ is literally the first quarter of an hour of my evolution, all that game you’ve ever seen, those four quarters of an hour, I’m the one who’s really in my LeBron shit, that ‘It’s me who takes the upper hand,  ”he said. “  If you know my first project, ‘Pregame Rituals’, this was something that really started off. It was literally when I started doing melodies. “.

The outlook for 2KBABY

The rapper does not intend to stop there. He seems to have capitalized on a good experience which allows him to specialize in a type of music similar to his track “Like This” (which has over 27 million streams on Spotify alone). “  My biggest success was a pain record,” he said. “So now I’m trying to take my talent and be able to cheer people up and turn them around. You see what I mean ? Make people feel good. That’s really what the first trimester means to me. I don’t want to, I still have my pain records, but I don’t want people to cry the whole show. Therefore.  “. And he can always count on his good connections with the city of Chicago.

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