42 Dugg apologizes for his absence at Rolling Loud LA

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While expected on the Rolling Loud stage in Los Angeles, 42 Dugg decided to step aside and not participate in the famous festival. He then apologized for his decision to his fans. The reasons of the rapper very little explicit did not convince his fans. 

Absent from Rolling Loud LA festival, 42 Dugg joins Lil Baby in Atlanta 

Another Rolling Loud weekend has just ended on the Los Angeles edition. Dozens of famous and popular hip-hop artists took to the stage during these three days to perform their greatest hits. This edition gave rise to historic moments like the surprise appearance of Kanye West alongside Future, the presence of Yung Bleu alongside Chris Brown and that of Bas alongside J. Cole. 

According to the schedule, the event was also to host Detroit rapper 42 Dugg on stage. What was not. While it’s rare to see an artist miss this big show – on purpose – unlikely young rapper 42 Dugg would have chosen to attend Lil Baby’s birthday party in Atlanta instead of going to Rolling Loud LA.

On Twitter, Dugg apologized with a cryptic explanation for the reason for his absence.

“I want to apologize to all my fans in LA who came to see me today, but for reasons beyond my control and Rolling Louds, I will not be performing today,” he said. before adding: 

“I’ll take this time to think about my bad decision and hope to see you all soon.” “.

A terrible disappointment for the fans who immediately stormed the timelines to demand a better excuse. Unfortunately they’re going to have to be content with what the rapper said for now. Some have even speculated that it may have something to do with legal issues, but this has not been proven.

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