42 Dugg escapes jail in his illegal gun case

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42 Dugg and his team can now breathe, now that the gun case the rapper was involved in is closed. He faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted .

Convicted of illegal possession of firearms

In 2019, Dugg was charged with illegally carrying a gun to a shooting range in Atlanta, after an anonymous informant notified federal agents. The Detroit native was prohibited from owning firearms, based on his previous conviction in 2010 for carjacking, and possession of firearms. According to media reports, his record brought the potential sentence to 10 years in prison.

This trial has long been a thorn at Dugg’s feet, and prosecutors have fought to uphold the artist’s conviction, despite defense fears the rapper could contract COVID-19 behind bars. 

Detroit News says rapper made it off on probation

This week, a federal judge sentenced young Detroit rapper 42 Dugg to three years probation and a fine of $ 90,000 for illegal possession of a firearm. Dugg has reportedly accepted a plea deal and will be fined $ 90,000 and will be on probation for the next three years.

”  His conviction in this case is a clear indication that he did not live a perfect life and that he made mistakes along the way,” the rapper’s lawyers reportedly said. “  Dion recognizes his faults and admits that he is not perfect. He is still a young man with many lessons to learn in life. ” 

They go on to recall the rapper’s social ambitions and the impact he would like to have on the younger generation. “  Dion dreams of using his success to make an impact on the children of Detroit – those who, like him, have been incarcerated or had parents incarcerated,” they added. “Dion is considering buying a local ice rink and creating a gathering place for young people, or organizing music writing lessons in juvenile detention centers so that young people who are on the wrong path can find something positive in which to invest their energy. ” 

42 Dugg’s reaction

Upon learning of the closure of his file, the Dugg published a message in which he said he was “Tired”. On Thursday, he lashed out at SayCheeseTV for failing to publish articles about his winning case, but instead focusing on his arrest. Dugg posted a series of photos with his lawyer, whom he considers his “GOAT,” while showing his money.

And the show continues …

42 Dugg delivered new music to his fans yesterday Friday, November 12, on a collaboration with Bizzy Crook for the track Played Out: ”  60 a verse, pull up in the vert / Uzi on me, stepback KD / These blues right here cost 18 / My voice ain’t shit without KP / Like Bron ain’t shit without AD / Damn near 200 for this AP ”, he recalls on the instrumental with flute notes. Last night he took the stage alongside Gunna, Mooski and Lil Baby in North Carolina.

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