42 Dugg has a new song titled Can’t Complain with Reaper for his birthday

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42 dugg released this Thursday a single he called Can’t Complain. This project is a collaboration with Reaper.

There is no cake cut but rather a string cut to release a special single. The 26 th birthday of the rapper 42 Dugg was marked by the release of Can not Complain, a single on which the happy day wanted to share his happiness with another colleague named Reaper.

Special exemption for special day

It’s a bit surprising to learn of an artistic work outing on a Thursday. Artists are used to honoring the Friday New Single by scheduling their release on Fridays. This release of the rapper from Detroit should therefore have waited another day before being deployed. But that would not have had the effect of closeness that the rapper wanted to have with his fans. 

“Today is my birthday mug, so my present to all of you is the toughest shit ever.” Can’t complain I’m with my brother @meet_the_reap,  ”Dugg wrote on Instagram. We cannot therefore hold it against the rapper.

Everything about the new Single

The new single Can’t Complain appears to be an awakening track and personal therapy for 42 Dugg and his fans. He exposes the many vicissitudes of life and concludes that this is not enough for him to complain. 

In literal translation, the title indicates that one should not complain. And this title takes on its full meaning both because of the man’s birthday and his recent complaint about the absence by his side of the illustrious disappeared King Von and the incarcerated Pooh Shiesty. ”  I miss my nigga @KingVonFrmdaWic and my nigga @pooh_shiesty all we were suppose to be on TOUR RITE NOW BECOME CRAZY RIP MY N * GGA VON AND FREEDOM SHIESTY. He wrote on Twitter.

Apart from this track, 42 ​​Dugg can be listened to on Big Sean’s EP What You Expect released on October 29th.

The new track is 2 minutes 48 seconds long and you can hear lyrics like:

I just spent $ 20 on my girlfriend, it’s funny because she loves her ex.

Sike, I’m lying, I don’t really like a bitch.

No bitch can come between me and gang 4

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