5 reasons to do vocals even if you’re not a musician

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Even if it seems to you that singing is not yours, then you are mistaken, because the voice is the main tool for communication and connection with the world. Therefore, we suggest that you find out at least five reasons to start practicing singing, and after reading you can attend vocal lessons for beginners , having received a discount on the first lesson.

Development of creative thinking

Vocal lessons improve brain activity: a person begins to think extraordinary, creatively. Also, the development of voice abilities increases the intellectual level. That is why, when hiring for large companies, those people who have a background in music are often given priority.

Increased self-confidence

If you are afraid to speak publicly or present your ideas, then you need to overcome this fear – to get out of your comfort zone. Singing will increase a person’s self-confidence, and public speaking will become commonplace for you. You will learn to control your voice, so that even with intense fear, you can breathe calmly and deeply. This skill will help you learn to quickly cope with emotions and not give in to panic in stressful situations.

Promotes health

Regular vocal training can significantly increase lung capacity and improve gas exchange in the body. This will help not only maintain health for a long time, but also lose a couple of extra pounds. Breathing work is also useful for vegetative-vascular dystonia and panic attacks , since breathing is the only human function that can be regulated by both the nervous system and consciousness.

Relief from rigidity

Absolutely every person owns a voice, from which a beautiful vocal timbre can be “brought up”. With age, due to numerous factors of life: stress and excitement, we lose the ability to relax, and because of this, the voice becomes constricted, like ourselves. By freeing him from this tension, our body will become more relaxed.

Developing willpower and endurance

By practicing vocal, you will become more resilient, as regular exercise will help keep your abs and improve your fitness. Also, vocals require regularity and consistency. And it fosters willpower well.

As you can see, vocals have many useful and interesting properties that you might not even have known about!

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