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Firsthand had 50 cents now learn that you had better not with the Queen of Pop Madonna should invest. After the G-Unit rapper made fun of revealing photos of the 63-year-old singer, she fired her back in her Instagram story. Within a few hours, Fifty submitted his apology.

50 Cent apologizes to Madonna

Anyone who has missed the posts by Online-Troll 50 Cent (now streaming on Apple Music ) in the last few days should have some questions about their latest tweet. In front of his entire Twitter community, the rapper made a public apology to pop icon Madonna. It was not his intention to hurt her feelings. So he hopes that she will now accept his apology.

But what actually happened between the two of them that Fifty now has to send repentant tweets? Here we give you a brief overview of the most recent exchange of fire between 50 Cent and Madonna.

Madonna and 50 Cent: Beef on social media

The two’s mini- beef began when Madonna gave her Instagram followers intimate glimpses of a revealing photo shoot a week ago. According to the caption, she had already uploaded these pictures, but were later removed from Instagram, as part of her nipple should apparently have been visible. So she uses the new post symbolically to draw attention to the constant sexualization of the female body.

In the now deleted reaction of 50 Cent, he was extremely amused by the last photo of the Madonna post. There she lies with her upper body under a bed, presenting her legs and bottom to the camera.

” Yo, that’s the funniest sh * t! LOL! That’s Madonna under the bed, trying to still make” Like a Virgin “at 63. She’s crazy if she has her old a * sh there can’t get up. LMFAO. “

He didn’t finish his roast here, however. 50 shared the following photo collage, in which Madonna’s legs were inserted into an iconic scene from the film ” The Wizard of Oz “.

Madonna was not very enthusiastic about this in her Instagram story. There she published a photo from 2003 where the two are posing together. She writes that 50 Cent would pretend he was her boyfriend in this picture. Now he has decided to make her stupid. She continues her counterattack:

” I guess your new career is about getting attention by trying to expose other people on social media. The worst choice you can make as an artist and an adult. “

Madonna suspects that Fifty is just jealous of not looking as good as her age or having as much fun as she does. Afterwards she also posted a video message in which, alienated by a Yoda filter, she appeals to self-love.

In the end, 50 Cent posted the screenshot of her story along with his apology. The hatchet between the two may now be buried – Madonna has not yet responded. How seriously Fifty means his apology is difficult to judge, however. In the past he was often noticed by similar troll actions.

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