50 Cent continues to troll Madonna over rejection of apology request

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After the legendary singer refused to apologize to 50 Cent for previously teasing her, the American artist continued to spike Madonna on Instagram. 

50 Cent continued to troll Madonna on Instagram

The scandalous Self-Trap case follows its course with a new episode. Indeed, the American rapper replied to Maradona’s response  not to accept his apologies. “  Well, what a positive influence you have. LOL # likeavirgin63 challenge. I’m sorry,  ”50 Cent wrote in the new post.

As a reminder, the personal scandal between Madonna and 50 began when the rapper trolled him  for posting daring photos on Instagram.

Later, 50 Cent said he did not intend to hurt her and apologized in a tweet since deleted : ”  I had hurt Madonna, she dug up an old photo of MTV from 2003 ok i’m sorry i didn’t mean to hurt you i don’t get any benefit i said what i thought when i saw the pic because i had seen it before before, I hope you accept my apologies . »Wrote the artist.

 An apology that Madonna calls “bullshit” and rejects without hesitation: ”  Basically you were trying to shame me. You were trying to humiliate me. Your excuses are bogus. This is bullshit, ”Madonna said. She explained that ” an apology is not valid if you don’t know what you are apologizing for. What you should apologize for is your misogynistic, sexist and ageist behavior and remarks . It makes you wonder to wonder at this stage how far will lead this new grievance which makes the headlines within the music industry. The next few weeks will probably tell us more.

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