50 Cent is not letting go of Young Buck and wants his money back!

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Young Buck will not have the opportunity to enjoy a single minute of respite. 50 Cent having confirmed his desire to take back the money he owes him in one way or another.

Young Buck taken by the throat?

According to official documents recovered by the AllHipHop media, 50 Cent would not try all means to take money from Young Buck. The ex- G-Unit frontman has opposed the possibility of canceling some debts owed by his former colt, insisting that Buck still owes him at least $250,000 for a contract signed in 2014. artist who never delivered the two albums promised to G-Unit, he had to declare bankruptcy in order to avoid having to reimburse Fifty.

The parade could no longer work, with Fifty accusing the Nashville native of releasing projects in violation of the G-Unit contract, and of continuing to pursue his career after declaring bankruptcy. The team in charge of the affairs of the interpreter of Many Men does not go there with the back of the spoon: “By failing to disclose the works and the royalties […] the defendant, with the intention of hindering, delay or defraud [his] creditors […] allowed the transfer [or] concealment of his property. »Basically, Buck is accused of not having played fair, and of having set up a scheme to save him from having to pay the sums due to Fifty. In fact, 50 Cent is asking the courts to uphold the claims. In short, what to leave Buck on the ground, he who will have often mentioned his financial worries in recent years?

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