50 Cent responds to French Montana’s comments, the two rappers smoke the peace pipe

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In cold for over many months after clashes around a Bugatti , 50 Cent and French Montana seem to have completely buried the hatchet of war . The proof, Fifty reacted to the praise of French Montana on its new series “Black Mafia Family”.

Black Mafia Family, the cult series that spells the end of a long-standing quarrel

It’s an open secret. The two rappers 50 cent and French Montana have long played cat and mouse. Seen as enemies, they fought for most of the past two years after Fif called out French Montana for his Bugatti. They went back and forth before attempting to dig dirt on top of each other. Fif claimed French was drugged while the Coke Boyz rapper claimed he had papers on the Power executive. However, everything seems to believe that the war between 50 Cent and French Montana is apparently over.

Indeed, the two rappers brought the ball to the ground as recently announced by French. The Bronx rapper explained his love for  BMF during his recent appearance on Drink Champs . French Montana explained that his falling out with 50 had its epilogue because he is now a big fan of the new BMF series. “  Dude, let me tell you something. Me, I no longer have a problem with 50 after he dropped that BMF joint. This is my favorite shit , ”he said. “  It doesn’t matter what me and 50 have ever had – shout at 50. Yeah, me and him it’s all over after BMF. It’s the best job ever . »Said the French.

It seems that Fif has accepted the olive branch. The ”  Many Men  ” performer took to his favorite social media platform where he reposted the Drink Champs clip    and commented on French Montana’s kind words about his latest show. “  It was the right French answer, well handled. What a grievance, I can’t remember , ”Fif wrote. ”  GLG GreenLightGang BMF “, he added before promoting the last episode of  Power .

French Montana carried to the pinnacle for having taken the first step!

The act taken by Montana has been greatly appreciated by actors in the world of hip-hop. Southwest T was among the first to highlight this passage from French’s interview with NORE and DJ EFN. BMF founder praised French Montana for attempting to bury the hatchet with Fif while expressing appreciation for the initiative. ”  Lots of love and major respect @frenchmontana thank you for the cry, but above all thank you for being the tallest man because we have to lead by example, the youth are always watching ,” he wrote.

BMF, the legendary 50 cent series!

BMF is a series based on the true story of two brothers who emerged from the dilapidated streets of southwest Detroit in the late 1980s and gave birth to one of the most influential criminal families in the country. The data available shows that the script for the BMF series attracts an average of 6.5 million viewers per episode . BMF recently closed the first season with huge success. The second season was renewed a few days after the start of the first season. However, 50 Cent is also reportedly producing a companion documentary series to the TV show that will focus on the different perspectives involved in the BMF organization.

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