50 Cent reviews Tabi sneakers from Margiela

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In his latest Instagram spikes, rapper 50 Cent has instead chosen this time around to target luxury fashion company Maison Margiela – specifically, their Tabi-style sneakers that many so-called fashionistas are obsessed with.

Fif mocks Tabi Margiela sneakers

Last Monday, the New Yorker shared a screenshot of a pair of red Reebok x Maison Margiela Leather Tabi Sneaker sneakers, which retail for around C $ 400. They come in five colors, including the red pictured above, as well as different variations of black, white, and gray. “  Nah these, I don’t care who told you these fly,” he captioned the post. “You better get out of here!” “

Margiela Tabis are known for the slit they have between the big and second toe, creating a unique look, often compared to a camel toe. While they’re not for everyone, other more original artists, like Gunna, wear them with pride and confidence.

Many people agree with Fif’s opinion , according to the comments below the rapper’s post. “  Dat red camel toe lol,” one person wrote. ”  What is this thing?” “And” Don’t split my toes like a horse, “ other netizens added. On the other hand, Margiela users didn’t even seem upset with 50’s comments, stating, ”  I wish more people would feel like this so they would stop buying them and let me wear my tabis in peace.” . “

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