600 Breezy Arrested Again In Iowa

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600 Breezy is no longer to be presented in the Hiphop sphere. The 30-year-old rapper from Chicago, Illinois has already delighted us with many singles. His latest album to date is “Art Of War” composed of ten tracks and released on February 17, 2021. Well the latest news concerning him is not very bright . After Ari Lennox, he also finds himself in disappointments with the police authorities. Sadly, 600 Breezy was arrested on Friday December 3 for violating his probation .

A second arrest within two months

Following an alleged violation of his probation , law enforcement officials arrested 600 Breezy , the rapper from Chicago, Iowa . Currently, the artist is being held without any bond being set and little information is available regarding the case.

This recent arrest follows a previous one that occurred in November when Breezy got into legal trouble . This time he was accused of being a fugitive from justice and his arrest occurred in Alabama . It should be understood that the rapper did not appear in court following a summons concerning a case whose outcome could deprive him of his freedom.

600 Breezy, the promise of a change of life and the abandonment of bad habits

Earlier this year, Breezy opened up about the desire to quit drugs and to improve his lifestyle in a post on Instagram. At the same time, he revealed to his fans that he had stayed clean for seven months . In other words, he hadn’t touched dangerous substances for a long time.

See it for yourself through this caption posted as a video of him in September displaying his physical transformation .

“  7 months of abstinence, no lean, no pills, no hard drugs at all. I am 1.85 m tall and weigh 100 kg, I work out 3-4 times a week. Take care of yourself, don’t shorten your life by following the trends  ”. We can only welcome this renewal in the life of 600 Breezy and hope that it will follow through on its resolutions.

600 Breezy, continuing feuds

The recent resolutions of 600 Breezy apparently do not concern his daily life in the game, since he still encounters some problems of understanding with other rappers .

This is the case with singer Tekashi who 600 Breezy of his civil name Antonio Valentino King accused of having sold him to the police last March. In fact, Breezy claimed that Tekashi 6ix9ine put the Feds on his trail .

To this end, he said this on social networks: “  A guy put the police on me , I had a warrant for 3 weeks. Leave your buddy alone. It is not an exercise, it is a federal agent  ”.

600 Breezy, unique opinions

Likewise, 600 Breezy’s thoughts probably remain complex, as he expresses particular opinions in the face of the actions of others . For example, the rapper vouched for the innocence of the suspected FBG Duck killers after their arrest. The rapper claims that these people were arrested because the police needed the culprits . Apparently they needed people to be punished to show the people that they were acting and fighting violence for them.

Only the outcome of this investigation will fix us on the guilt of these people and the merits of Breezy’s reaction. In the meantime, the rapper is concerned about his own situation . In your opinion, will our artist get by without too much damage  ?

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