600 Breezy: the rapper arrested again

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According to several confirmed information, Antonio Valentino King alias 600Breezy, was arrested on Wednesday. According to justice, he is considered a fugitive which means that in fact Breezy did not appear in court for an offense that could have led him to jail. According to reports, 600 Breezy are still behind bars even though we do not know anything about the offense.

600 Breezy is an American rapper born in Chicago, Illinois. He is also a member of the Black Disciples gang. The rapper draws inspiration from his personal experiences to write his lyrics. He weighs around $ 700,000, a small fortune he was able to amass thanks to his mixtapes, EPs and singles. Very well known on social networks, 600 Breezy has already dealt with justice in the past. 

Indeed, the Chicago rapper was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017 for violating probation following a charge of possession of crack in 2012. He was nevertheless released less than a year later. 

This time, the rapper was arrested in Alabama in Lee County according to the sources. Based on his Instagram story, we know that the rapper’s last known location was Atlanta. He refueled his car at a gas station. There will surely be an official statement in a few days regarding this arrest. 

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