6ix9ine took $ 75,000 and didn’t show up to his own gig

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Once again, 6ix9ine is making headlines not for its music but for its escapades.

6ix9ine does not honor his contract

Tekashi is mentioned again in the media. If he takes his time to unveil new songs, the controversial rapper seems to align the concerts. Except one. According to Radar Online, the interpreter of GUMMO would now be prosecuted for having cashed the 75,000 dollars of cachet promised for a live performance on the side of Houston without ever having provided the show.

Official documents indicate that Tekashi was scheduled by JJJD Entertainment to perform a June 27 concert at the Humble Civic Center. Paid $ 45,000 when the contracts were signed, it was then settled for $ 75,000 on the day of the concert. To these sums, we must add a fee of $ 28,000, the cost of transporting 6ix9ine in a private jet to Texas. Having tried to revise the bill upwards, Tekashi’s team would have paid the organization the tidy sum of 178,000 dollars for the rapper to perform his songs on stage – which he will not do – and 100,000 dollars to ensure his arrival, his safety and his insurance. This will result in cancellations, ticket refunds, and a heavy deadweight loss.

For his part, Tekashi says he is entitled to receive $ 250,000, which JJD denies disputes. The firm is now claiming damages from the rapper.

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