7 rappers with a dating show past

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Reality television is often a pretty wild affair. Especially when love comes into play. But someone has to do
the job. Various rappers have dared to venture into this terrain in the past. Here you can find out who fired
the Trash TV stove several times and who sat in the celebrity edition of “Herzblatt”.


Flavor Flav exudes the “Flavor of Love” over three seasons

In “Strange Love” 2005 one could marvel at the relationship between Public Enemy member Flavor Flav and
the Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen. After the split, Flavor Flav got its own format. Yeah boy! “Flavor of
Love” worked according to the well-known “The Bachelor” principle: many women vie for a man. Instead of red roses, Flavor Flav handed out gold watches, befitting their status, to the ladies whom he
wanted to know about him. In addition, all participants were given somewhat curious nicknames. This game went
through for three seasons. Hoopz, Deelishis and Thing 2 could feel like winners.

The Games Dating Show has consequences


In “She’s Got Game” in 2015, The Game speculated on a new love. The Compton rapper already brought reality show
experience to the table. Years earlier he was seen in three seasons of the VH1 production “Marrying The Game”.
However, the wedding didn’t work out and so “She’s Got Game” started in August 2015. The US rapper introduced
ten women to his “hip-hop lifestyle”. In the end, only one person could win the game.

The Game is still in the format today. One of the candidates went to court after the show. She accused The Game
of sexual harassment. She was awarded seven million dollars in several instances.

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