A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie returns with “B4 AVA” EP Ft. Lil Durk

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Artist 2.0 was released in early summer 2020 and was a major release for rapper A Boogie. Shortly after its release, the New York artist announced his project A Boogie Vs. Artist. An intriguing project that put fans in suspense. And if the wait has been long, the project is gradually taking shape, at the end of the year 

On Instagram, A Boogie said he’s ‘  back  ‘ with a seven-track EP

There’s been a lot of talk about A Boogie vs. Artist , an album slated for release this month, but instead, on Friday, December 10, the New York rapper gave fans his EP, B4 AVA. The project serves as a prequel to its next expected effort. B4 AVA is a six song EP with a bonus track. The first three songs are from A Boogie, the second three are from Artist. The bonus track is ” 24 Hours”  with Lil Durk, which has already been released for some time. Durk is the only one on the project.

Boogie has been pretty quiet in recent months about the content of A Boogie vs. Artist , but on B4 AVA it gives us a good idea of ​​the direction of the disc. 

Below, the Tracklist

1. Man in the Mirror

2. I Want You to See This

3. Girls Go Down

4. Making You Cry

5. Notifications

6. Be Free

7. 24 Hours ft. Lil Durk [Bonus]

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