A few jailed stars’ Thanksgiving menu revealed

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Yesterday November 25, many countries around the world celebrated Thanksgiving Day . Although its origin is primarily religious, this festival symbolizes the day chosen by men to express their gratitude for their harvests of the past year. Many families have made it an occasion for family reunion around a meal whose main menu is turkey. The prisoners are not left out of this celebration and we will discover in this regard the menu granted to some imprisoned stars . They are R. Kelly, YNW Melly, YFN Lucci and Suge Knight.

Thanksgiving, a continual effervescence

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year after Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Airports are hectic as people travel to join loved ones to celebrate this day with family. This celebration is mainly characterized by the preparation of turkeys and cranberry sauce in almost every home. Since we know approximately the usual menu of families on this occasion, TMZ allows us to discover that of people in difficult situation including famous prisoners.

R. Kelly’s menu for Thanksgiving 2021

The reasons for the incarceration of R. Kelly are now known to all, because the crimes of sexual assault are severely punished by American laws. However, Kelly has no complaints about his meal on this day, as he is entitled to a reasonable feast at MDC Brooklyn. A roast turkey or roast eggplant, a turkey sauce, a cornbread stuffing and a cranberry sauce , the singer has something to feast on. In addition, he received a cookie and a pie for dessert . Are Melly and Lucci also spoiled?

YFN Lucci’s special Thanksgiving menu

YFN Lucci is being held in Fulton County Jail awaiting trial in 2022 for homicide and gangsterism. Yesterday, he got a hint of light in his gloomy stay by tasting the special Thanksgiving menu. This one consisted of sliced ​​turkey, lingonberry sauce , cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes , green beans and a bun. Obviously, he will be entitled to a dessert, only, we do not know the type.

As for YNW Melly, the 20-year-old rapper is being held in Broward County Jail. For the heinous murder of two members of his YNW crew in October 2018, he faces a death sentence. On the occasion of Thanksgiving, the inmate is entitled to a smaller meal than Kelly and Lucci . This menu consists of turkey breast , gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans , bread and pudding . One wonders if Suge Knight is luckier.

Suge Knight’s menu

Suge Knight, the ex-boss of the Death Row label in the 1990s is serving a long 28-year prison sentence for running over a man with his car in January 2015. For Thanksgiving, his Richard J. Donovan Correctional menu Facility consists of roast turkey and green salad. It also includes cranberry sauce, stuffing , mashed potatoes and vegetables . The dessert consists of a pumpkin pie.

At the end of the day, all of these prisoners have what it takes to have a great Thanksgiving day, and they should at least give thanks for those meals.

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