A shootout took place not far from the location of the getaway vehicle of Young Dolph’s killers

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Memphis fell asleep this Sunday, November 21 with a new corpse. A man died in a shooting not far from where the getaway vehicle of Young Dolph’s assassins was found.

Memphis is no longer a safe region. Since Wednesday, November 17, when the great Young Dolph fell from gunfire outside Makeda’s Homemade Cookies, the specter of death still hangs over the city. As saddened fans gathered on Thursday, November 18 for a final tribute to the one whose death sapped morale across the music industry, gunshots were heard again. The shots hit a man who was rushed to hospital with a clear life-threatening prognosis.
According to ABC24 Memphis, Terrance Jones, 23, Jailon Nelvis, 19, and Tavis McQueen, 22, all aboard the gray Nissan Versa that served as the means of travel for that Thursday package, were charged after a race -pursuit with the police. They are charged with numerous crimes including aggravated assault, escape from arrest, reckless endangerment and theft.

Renewed violence

While it was believed that these arrests would bring calm to the city, a new crime scene was created this Sunday, November 21. According to WREG News Channel 3, a deadly shooting took place Sunday afternoon in the Orange Mound neighborhood of metropolitan Tennessee. The shooting claimed the life of a man.
Witnesses said several gunshots were heard before an unidentified woman started running and screaming in the direction of where the shooting took place. The same witnesses reveal that the shooters fled in a black sedan.

A link with the death of Young Dolph?

This new shooting took place not far from the 1100 block of Bradley Avenue in South Memphis. And it was in this block that the police found the white Mercedes-Benz in which the suspects shot and shot Young Dolph. For the moment, the police have preferred not to link this new crime to the death of Young Dolph, nor to the car.
If the link were made, the murder of Young Dolph would be considered the first in a series of targeted murders and the link between the dead would lead to a conclusion that hopefully will not relate to drug trafficking.

An initiative to honor Young Dolph

Young Dolph died while collecting cookies at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies for his annual turkey giveaway to St. James Baptist Missionary Church.
Snupe Bandz promised at the microphone of FOX 13, to perpetuate the act of donation of the generous dead donor. “ It’s very important because we still have unhappy people here and probably don’t have the money to buy turkeys. We’re just representing Young Dolph. And just keeping the legacy. And let people know that we are going to do it every year ”

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