ABS7 arrives in force with its clip “Bigallo”

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ABS7  arrives in power. The young rapper has just unveiled his latest clip entitled ”  Bigallo  “. A powerful track in which the young rookie demonstrates all his talent.

ABS7  is a young rapper who comes straight from Arles. Only 16 years old, the rapper proves once again that he has everything of a great, whether in his lyrics or his flow. Very technical, and very determined, ABS7 displays its determination and its desire to climb the levels and make a place for itself among the elite. And given his talent, it is only a matter of time, since he is already closely followed by confirmed artists such as Sysa, Vincenzo from Psy4 de la Rime or even Saf who see in him the future of Marseilles rap. .  

With its clip ”  Bigallo”, ABS7  makes a real show of force and delivers a powerful piece recorded at  Skenawin Music  and which detonates with its frenzied and heady rhythm. With his all-terrain flow and a catchy melody, the young rapper takes us into his musical universe with percussive and sharp punhclines on a heavy production of  Genjustu Beat . The visual is perfectly put into images by  Navy Production  and aptly illustrates the universe of the song.

ABS7  is a young talent who arrives in force and with his energy he is on track to go far. Those who follow him and bet on him will not be disappointed.

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