Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo are ready for even more children

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If it were up to the model, the Maroon 5 front man would soon be changing diapers again.

A heart for children
Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo gave birth to two healthy girls and stood up for disadvantaged children during the Corona crisis. For the promotional work of the Ferrari Roma auction, the couple said: “It’s such a crazy time and our children in particular are so vulnerable to what’s going on,”the model started before talking about her two daughters spoke: “Our children know that there will be food on the table and they know that they have protection. But there are schools that are currently unable to continue. It is so sad to think that there are children who do not know where they will get their next meal or what will happen to their education … This charity is amazing and we are very excited to support them with you. “

Even more children
In recent years, Adam Levine has already explained live that he would like to have countless children and still have to follow his wife.

“I have three women in the house. […] I want a lot of children. I really get up in the chaos. [Behati] was an only child, so she now wants 100 children. I don’t know if I can do it. That’s a lot of children, “he said, among other things, adding to the” SiriusXM “show with Howard Stern :” No, she is currently pregnant. And if I asked her about another baby right now, she’d definitely hit me in the fucking face. “

But exactly those words seem to have vanished in the meantime. The Victoria’s Secret model is ready for another pregnancy. “After we had two babies within two years, I always said to myself, ‘Don’t even think about it!’ However, I also want to have five children, ”said Behati.

While fans were looking for a photo with a third pregnancy bump shortly afterwards, the model wanted to put an end to all rumors. She concluded by saying, “We leave it to fate. What happens will happen. So there are no limits. “

Adam Levine will definitely be happy about that. The Maroon 5 frontman has already admitted in the past that he would like to have “100 children” and would only wait for his wife until the next baby joins his family.


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