Adele: being trendy on Tiktok is not her priority

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As artists storm the TikTok platform in hopes of becoming the next famous nugget to emerge, Adele meanwhile doesn’t care whether her songs go viral or not. The singer is preparing the release of her new album “30” which she unveiled a little bit by releasing the single “Go easy on me”. 

Tiktok: the flagship application of the past two years

During the 2020 lockdown, we saw people reach new heights in their careers using the TikTok app. Viral song clips have helped artists achieve RIAA certified plaques as well as build a strong fanbase. 

Divorced and in a new relationship with Rich Paul, LeBron James’ sports agent , the singer dazzled the whole web with her new body. Indeed, the pop icon has returned to the fore with a slimmer physique, due to his weight loss. Adele doesn’t seem to mind making songs for Tiktok, for the simple reason that her songs are aimed at adults and not 14-year-olds.  

Adele explains her choice 

“  The conversation on TikTok has been covered a lot, so I’m like, ‘TikTok who?’, Said the singer . “ But they say to me, ‘we have to make sure these 14 year olds know who you are’. And I’m like, “But they all have moms. They must have grown up listening to my music. If everyone is making music for TikTok, who will make music for people of my generation ”’? ”, She adds.

“ I prefer to meet the needs of people who love and are at my level in terms of the number of years we’ve been on earth and the things we’ve been through. I don’t want 12 year olds listening to this album. It’s a little too deep, ”explains the singer. 

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