Adele cancels interview with journalist who confessed to not having listened to her album 30

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Mattew Doran has recently become an infamous journalist for screwing up his interview with Adele.

Artists like Adele don’t often have the time to indulge in little playtime even when it is of professional benefit. Like Adele, They have a busy schedule and especially not now that she released her fourth album on November 19th. Entitled 30, Adele put a heavy bet on this record to the point of causing Spotify to block shuffle play in order to force users to listen to all 12 tracks in the standard version of the album.
Thus, to get in these days an interview with the beloved of Paul Rich is synonymous with a Christmas present before its time. Luckily, Mattew Doran had the opportunity of his life by being allowed to have an exclusive interview with Adele. This host of the Australian show Weekend Sunrise left Sydney for London in order to carry out this interview which will ultimately not have the right to be broadcast. The journalist will have traveled more than 10,000 miles km in a vacuum.

The reason for canceling the interview

L’entretien entre Matt et Adele a été annulé à cause d’une faute professionnelle qu’Adele a eu du mal à digérer.
En début du mois de novembre, Adele et Doran échangeaient lorsqu’Adele voulu recueillir l’avis critique du journaliste sur l’album 30. Matt était dans l’incapacité d’opiner sur un sujet dont il n’avait aucune connaissance puisqu’il n’a pas écouté l’album. Le mal est qu’il a avoué à Adele qu’il n’avait pas écouté le disque malgré l’exclusivité que l’équipe d’Adele lui a accordé en lui envoyant une première copie de l’album via un mail.
Selon le Daily Telegraph, Adele s’est senti offensée et pas du tout considéré par le journaliste.

Consultez souvent vos mails !!!

Mattew Doran didn’t just admit that he hadn’t listened to the record. He took the trouble to argue. What he shouldn’t have done. He explains that he was completely unaware of the message. Not only did he disrespect and disrespect the artist who won more than 15 Grammys Awards, but he also displayed gross professional misconduct by not checking his email box.

The reaction of Adele’s team

Adele reportedly expressed her displeasure to her team who took care to uphold the singer’s reputation. Indeed, the Interview conducted by the journalist host of Channel 7 would have been deleted. Sony has gone to great lengths to retain the rights of the interview and prevent its dissemination.

Doran and the greatest media exposure

His mistake was not seen as mere professional misconduct by his employers, but rather as gross negligence. Channel 7 did not appreciate the loss of the heavy investment in terms of airfare, accommodation and any other costs related to this mission at all. In addition, the audience and the exclusivity sought were not even obtained. However, Doran has had media exposure, but from the wrong angle. His mistake was widely taken up by several media from all walks of life. Many media have criticized the journalist that his channel took care to suspend and remove from the plateau for a week as a sanction.
The person concerned himself became aware of his mistake and engaged in an exercise which he knows how to do well, but which has become difficult due to the circumstances. “J’ai découvert depuis qu’elle m’avait été envoyée (parlant du mail) sous la forme d’une carte électronique, que j’ai manqué à mon arrivée à Londres. C’était un oubli, mais pas une rebuffade délibérée. C’est l’e-mail le plus important que j’aie jamais manqué », a-t-il déclaré.

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