Adele disses ex-lover: “You couldn’t even cook”

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Apparently, most of their exes couldn’t even look after themselves properly and were dependent on Adele or employees …


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Divorce was overdue
Adele was 20 years old when she released her worldwide number one album “19”. Shortly afterwards, the life of the British singer was turned upside down: Instead of going shopping in Tottenham in north London, as usual, she jetted around the world, answering millions of questions in interviews and performing her songs on the most spectacular stages on the planet.

Meanwhile , Adele kept her private life to herself and was able to keep son Angelo’s pregnancy to herself until she was born on October 19, 2012. Her partner at the time, Simon Konecki, was almost never seen in the limelight with her and was first introduced as her husband in a acceptance speech at the 59th GRAMMY Awards in 2017. But love shouldn’t last long: In 2019 Adele separated, filed for divorce and has been a single lady again since March 2021.

“[The breakup] was overdue. It was exhausting, it was really hard work, but I was able to take the time I needed, which is not something that everyone can take for granted, I am very aware of that. […] Now I am completely relaxed. So I would say it’s worth going through all of the crap, ” Adele told Heart Radio .


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Her “Rolling Stone” cover story for the December 2021 issue added that the divorce was “overdue”. “It blew my mind as hell. So many people have seen how I couldn’t make marriage work. That destroyed me. I was ashamed. […] But still you just believe that you didn’t give your all. I really didn’t have a clue who I am. I thought I know. Mainly because I was approaching my 30s and I was actually fine. “


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New man For
the first year afterseparating from Simon Konecki, Adele went solobefore she met Rich Paul. The exceptional British talent has already come out with the Sports Agent, went on various dates and had himself photographed playing basketball on the sidelines:


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Everyone gets their fat off Adelehas not yet said many words
about Rich Paulin interviews. Instead, she promoted her fourth studio album “30” and recorded the concert show “An Audience With Adele” in London. Fittingly, she not only sang her biggest hits and new tracks, but also talked about all of her ex-lovers. But theBritish womandidn’t leave her good hair …

When asked what title her former lovers would write about her, Adele replied: “It would most likely be: ‘Nobody like you’ [Original: ‘No One Like You’]. […] Still, I couldn’t imagine that even one of them would be able to [write a song about me] because most of them can’t even do an everyday task, ”Adele said, bringing in the entire audience laugh. Before adding, “Most, not all.”

Food = highlight of the day
The exceptional British talenteven went so far that she had also admitted that her ex-partners couldn’t even cook. For this reason, in the past she had ordered a menu from McDonald’s “at least once a week”.

“Just because I’ve lost weight doesn’t mean I won’t eat. I still love food more than anything! […] My very last dinner would be chicken nuggets, with a Big Mac and french fries – that’s my 3-course menu. I eat that at least once a week. “

If you believe the “30” interpreter, you can always eat self-cooked food in her house. She would stand in front of the stove for this. If you want to see how Adele tastes some of the most famous British food, you can have a look yourself: 

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