Adele reveals to Rolling Stone that she heard part of Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album

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Adele is preparing her next studio album, which is scheduled for release on November 19. Ahead of the album’s release, the world-famous pop star was invited by Rolling Stone editor Brittany Spanos to talk about the upcoming album and reveal some secrets about it.

Adele, a friend like Kendrick Lamar

During her cover of Rolling Stone, she spoke of the difficulty of coming to terms with her divorce in front of the whole world, feeling “embarrassed” not to be able to stay together. She also spoke about her friend Kendrick Lamar and how she’s been waiting for her latest releases for a long time. Obviously, Adele also took a long time to release her own project, so she certainly knows what it’s like to feel the pressure of millions of fans as one of the world’s most beloved artists.

Adele is still close to Kendrick, however, and she has confirmed that she has heard some of the songs that will likely appear on her latest TDE album.

The album will feature voice memos from Angelo, Adele’s nine-year-old son, who will make an appearance asking the singer questions about his divorce. As for Kendrick, he’ll be performing next weekend at Day N Vegas, and some of his fans expect him to officially announce his album at the show.

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