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On December 1, 1986, founder and frontman Almighty Zulu Nation Afrika Bambaataa and The Soulsonic Force released Planet Rock: The Album via Tommy Boy Records. The LP is a collection of seven songs recorded by the band, the lead single of which is the band’s best-known hit, Planet Rock.

Afrika Bambaataa, carried a unifying vision

Lance Taylor, aka Afrika Bambaataa, made his New York party scene debut in 1977, where he was DJing at hip-hop parties, rubbing shoulders with other legends, such as Grandmaster Flash. He vowed to use hip-hop to reach angry or disgruntled young people, keeping them away from the pitfalls of gang life. Afrika Bambaataafounded the Universal Zulu Nation, a collective of rappers, B-boys, graffiti artists and others involved in emerging hip-hop culture. The goal of the Zulu Nation was to build a movement out of the creativity of the new generation of marginalized youth with an authentic and liberating worldview. It is to the Zulu Nation that we owe the spread of hip-hop music and culture through house parties, neighborhood parties, gym dances and mixing cassettes. which has helped to anchor it in the mind of the company.

Released in 1986, Planet Rock: The Album is a flagship album and one of the first hits of the hip-hop genre. It achieved gold disc status and in its wake generated a whole school of “electro-boogie” rap and dance music. Rick Rubin once said of his title, “  One of the most influential songs of all time. She changed the world. There has never been a song like this in hip-hop since. “ Slant Magazine ranked the album number 84 on its list of the best albums of the 1980s, and the title Renegades of Funk was once taken over by Rage Against the Machine.

Inspired by earlier sounds 

Members of international music pioneers Kraftwerks along with contributions from rap legend Melle Mel and go-go music icons Trouble Funk added to the eclecticism of this project. Securities Trans-Europe Express and Numbers of Kraftwerks were sampled or interpolated as was done in analog, for the lead single and title track, which was recorded and published four years before the release of the album. The members of Kraftwerk were naturally received straightaway. 

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