After making death threats, Fetty Wap ends up in prison

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The descent into hell continues for Fetty Wap . The rapper who had risen to fame following his hit Trap Queen in 2014 never ceases to make the tabloid press. On the menu ? Cocaine trafficking and much more. Today, he finds himself in the crosshairs of justice for having violated his parole .

A case that goes back

Accused of having taken part in drug trafficking between June 2019 and June 2020, Fetty Wap had been imprisoned, then released after paying a bail of 500,000 dollars. While awaiting trial, the rapper was so far on parole. Problem, he violated this one because of a malicious call made in 2021 , emerged from the boxes by X XL which quoted the prosecutor of the Eastern district of New York.

During this call in Facetime, he would have filmed himself threatening his interlocutor with the help of a gun and an unequivocal sentence: “  I will kill you, you and all your entourage . “ Facts which prompted the local authorities to go and arrest the man and imprison him for good. Willie Junior Maxwell II, his real name, does not seem to have finished with justice yet…

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