After the Shirin David album: Laas wanted to end his career

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Nach der gemeinsamen Fertigstellung des zweiten Albums von Shirin David, meldet sich Laas in seiner Instagram-Story zu Wort und zeigt sich enorm selbstkritisch: Bis heute sei er auf nichts, was er erreicht habe, stolz. Nach der Zusammenarbeit mit Shirin David an den Texten von “B*tches brauchen Rap” sei er zum wiederholten Mal kurz davor gewesen, seine Karriere zu beenden.

Laas screams in anger in his hotel room


Like most artists, Laas has to struggle with the fact that he is his own greatest critic. The fact that many
feel the same can be seen, among other things, from the frequency with which artists announce that they want
to end their careers or delete their previous Instagram feeds in order to make room for new things. In his
Insta story, Laas now addresses his fans with open words:

“Damn son, damn sis, profiles were cleared again and their own career ended for what felt like the
thousandth time. But why so panicked, some will ask. The answer is as simple as it is self-sabotaging.
[…] I’ve been making music since For over twenty years and to this day I am not proud of anything that
I have achieved in all this time. On the contrary, I only see the failures and seemingly unachieved goals
that I set myself a long time ago. I define myself as a value person only about my abilities and the
resulting feedback. Stupid and self-sabotaging at the same time. “


End of career after working with Shirin David?

The fact that he shares this self-doubt just after the collaboration on “BBR” by Shirin David (now streaming on
Apple Music) has been completed is an astonishing point in time. Shirin’s open interaction with her songwriting
team had recently given him a lot of attention for his skills, as he himself emphasizes: “Right now, more new opportunities are opening up than I’ve ever had in my previous life. The support is
greater than it has ever been with me.” And yet yesterday he screamed through his hotel room in anger – the whole thing was clearly due to
self-sabotage. By the time he wrote the post, he had probably gotten himself back. “In this sense,
sorry for the brief technical malfunction, let’s go on,” he wrote at the end. Hopefully the self-doubts will soon be eliminated if Shirin David’s album performs well in the charts,
as expected. The apparently only hurdle to number one: Adele released on the same date and could chart
higher than the rapper in the first week. However, she is happy to accept this competition. You can read
more about this here:


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