Akademiks wants to face Freddie Gibbs in a boxing ring

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In recent days, Akademiks continues to be talked about in various conflicts and altercations. His legendary clash with Freddie Gibbs is still relevant today and neither the latter nor Akademiks intend to end their conflict . Probably one of the drastic ways to end their online feud is a celebrity boxing match in which the two stars bump into each other.

Physical combat, a method of settling clashes widely adopted

A few months earlier, the Internet was shaken by the news of the fight between Booba and Kaaris after their violent fight at Orly airport. While that clash has yet to take place, his prospect spawned a media surge that took a long time to die down.

It’s a popular trend that has taken hold this year, turning YouTubers into athletes as Triller and other streaming platforms raise big bucks from these events.

Ak is ready to fight Gangsta Gibbs

Well ! It seems that Akademiks is very inspired by the method of combat as he plans to adopt it to settle his dispute with Freddie Gibbs . After raising a white flag not accepted by his opponent, the blogger decides to take matters into his own hands.

He appeared on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game show with Wallo and Gillie Da King where he discussed his ongoing back-and-forth with the rapper from Gary, Indiana. At one point, he was asked about the possibility of stepping into a boxing ring to face Gibbs . Ak then replied that he would step into the ring “  with any of those n *** aces  .”

Freddie Gibbs reportedly ready to settle boxing ring dispute

The desire to Akademiks to end its conflict with Gibbs could probably materialize. Indeed, Freddie Gibbs got wind of his opponent’s comments following an article in The Source. His response was “  Let’s do it  ”. Very soon, the rapper is due to appear on the Jalen & Jacoby show, where he will hopefully give a more in-depth answer to the challenge.

Recall that Gibbs had already challenged Dr. Umar Johnson to face him in a boxing ring . Will one of these fights take place? Who would you bet on in a potential fight between the rapper and Ak  ?

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