Alexis Skyy and Akbar V argue on social media

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The day of December 28, 2021 will have seen Internet users witness a real verbal fight between Alexis Skyy and his former friend Akbar V.

The relationship between musician Akbar V and Love & Hip-Hop star Alexis Skyy is now bordering on adversity. It is obvious that for some time, the two old friends no longer share moments of tender friendship. The two hooked up on social media several times and we don’t seem to be at the end of the back and forth between the two. They still put on a show and the least we can say is that each of them was looking for the slightest opportunity to do battle with the other.

The match that set the cabin on fire

Thinking calmly enjoying his vacation while waiting to enter the New Year, Alexis Skyy engaged in a question-and-answer session with his fans during a live Instagram.

Several questions related to her daily life as a single mother and also related to her daughter who will be 4 years old on January 4, 2022. Until then, everything was fine but one of the internet users, curious to know if Alexis and Akbar buried the ax war, asked if Alexis ” [associates] with Akbar “.

The reaction of the American TV personality suggested that the conflict is far from over between the two former friends. Alexis replied ”  WHO “

Akbar V’s disproportionate reaction

Akbar didn’t appreciate being treated like a Jonh Doe by Skyy. She expressed her frustration by revealing some not too Catholic sides of Alexis. Indeed, she recalled that the identity of the real father of Alexis’ child took a long time to be known after the model initially designated Fetty Wap as the father of the child. “That bitch was on my couch, she couldn’t feed herself, she was crying for a man who was never her dad and you weren’t in Miami on a boat with another ex-friend because you can’t not be friends with this ex we both know  ”. While revealing these things, Akbar makes sure to weaken Alexis by also accusing her of having a Sexually Transmitted Disease in this case herpes.

The shepherd’s response to the shepherdess

Alexis was quick to hit back as well, posting negative STD test results as if to prove Akbar lied. She added a post which locates and clarifies that she and her baby had nothing and that Akbar should not abuse having kept the child as his primary caretaker. ”  You keep running around with this story that I’m drugged because I had my child early and unexpectedly !!!!  Skyy said. “  If my child had had any type of drug in their blood or system when they were born… After spending months in the NICU, they would have taken my child away from me! 

The other words of Alexis in the live

Alexis has already spoken a lot in the past about her difficulties in combining her role as a single mother with her need to work in order to provide for herself and her daughter. During the live, she recalled her strained relationship with the father of her daughter. “ This man is a lost good-for-nothing. So sad, but he neglects her “she said adding” I stay strong as a mother and do what I have to do. No excuses. One thing is certain, God does not like ugliness  ” 

She had last September to pray to God in order to obtain an ideal small family. “I pray that God will open new doors for me and my career so that I can just give my child the time he needs. I am tired of temporary situations which range from friendship, business and relationships ”. 

It seems that God opened the doors to her regarding her romantic relationship since during the question-and-answer session, she claimed that she found a man who was ”  amazing stepfather  ” to her daughter.

She took the opportunity to announce that she is ready to be a mother again and is hoping for another sex this time around. “Yes, I’m ready, I’m just waiting for the man above to place another blessing in my life.  “And for precision, she says”  a boy, of course … any ball player like his daddy  “.

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