Alicia Keys laughs at J. Cole’s failed attempt to approach as a teenager

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At one time, J. Cole’s goal was to meet Alicia Keys at one of her first concerts. He especially wanted to get the singer’s attention, but nothing had gone as planned for him.

Alicia Keys reacts to J. Cole’s attempt to meet her after one of her concerts at the time

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats are some of hip-hop’s most loved and enduring couples. This did not slow down J. Cole who also tried to trigger a romance with the girl on fire . According to Hip Hop DX, he was so determined to meet her that he went to one of her concerts.

 J. Cole had in fact placed himself in a strategic position to catch Alicia’s attention after her show. On the other hand, he failed and the story played out with the two artists who eventually crossed paths later in their lives.

The 15 Grammy Award winner reacted to the hilarious story of her bending over teenage J. Cole. During her Complex’s 360 interview with Speedy Morman, Alicia claims that she has no recollection of the story.

“  J. Cole has this very crazy story  ,” Speedy Morman says as he recounts the story. “  He was 14 and you were 19 at the time, and you were both in Texas. He went to a show, and he planned for you to pass, and he was going to take a look at you that would make you approach him. And it didn’t happen like that! Have you ever heard this story?  “

To answer Alicia says, “  I heard the story, and I think the story is amazing. I certainly can’t say I remember the look, I don’t know if the look came to me. He might have had the look, but I might not have been there. Maybe I was too far away to see the look . “

Alicia Keys and J. Cole finally recorded a song together

Alicia claimed not to remember that story: ”  I don’t remember it, but he clearly remembers it, and it’s a good vibe, you know, because it’s really cute because everyone. world has a history like that,  ”she continued. “  You know this person just thought, if I could just put myself in front of her, she would smell me, I know that.  “

The two artists ended up going into the studio to record a song together. However, the disc did not make the tracklist for Alicia Keys ‘ new album , which is scheduled for release on December 3.

 “ This is the first time that we are connecting,” she says . “He passed, he was in the same place. We talked, we conversed, we built. And then we just happened to come across vibrations or things

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