Alicia Keys reflects on the incident caused by Lil Mama’s interference on stage during her performance with Jay-Z in 2009

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Singer Alicia Keys with the incredible biography is known for her discretion and not meddling in the affairs of others. In 2009, she had performed at the Video Music Awards with Jay-Z and everything would have been perfect if Lil Mama had not hit the encrusted on stage without being invited. Twelve years later, Alicia looks back on that nasty episode and talks about Jay-Z’s reaction to it.

Lil Mama’s Big Mistake at VMA 2009

Niatia Jessica Kirkland aka Lil Mama is a 32-year-old American rapper . She was propelled to the top of the world with her flagship track “Lip Gloss”, although she only released one studio album of her career. Subsequently, she became the host of the show “America’s Best Dance Crew” and really established herself in the public consciousness.

Unfortunately this media rise came to an end when the interpreter of “Lip Gloss” made an affront to two established actors of American music. Indeed, while Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed their single “Empire State Of Mind”, Lil Mama was invited on the stage to stand alongside the two veterans .

As was to be expected, the latter did not appreciate this act at all . Twelve years later, Alicia has not forgotten this affront and she returned to the incident at the Drink Champs.

Alicia Keys speaks out on Jay-Z’s reaction

The “Girl On Fire” singer is currently working on her new album. Recently she chatted with the people at Drink Champs and NORE asked her to remember the 2009 incident. He asked her if she was mad at Lil Mama for his gesture.

To everyone’s surprise, Alicia said she didn’t even notice Lil Mama’s presence on stage before she finished her performance. “  All I know is we were on stage. Jay was there, I was there,  ”she said, using her hands to demonstrate the distance on stage between her and her stage mate. Alicia explained that she was too focused on her performance to see what was going on.

“  In a way, the way she got here, I didn’t even witness it. During the whole show, I was… so focused on making it amazing. I went backstage and Jay said, So, haven’t you seen this?  », She remembers. “  He said to me: No, didn’t you see what just happened? And I said, yeah, we killed him. This is what just happened  ”.

If Lila was completely immersed in the moment and nothing found, Jay-Z veteran it did not miss the arrival on stage of Lil Mama . Moreover, she probably realized her mistake, since she tried to apologize.

Lil Mama’s take on the 2009 VMA incident

It looks like 2021 is the year of memories, as Lil Mama also opened up about the incident earlier this year. She claims Jay-Z and Alicia Keys ignored her efforts to apologize .

She says, “  These situations are with mature adults at least 10 years older than me. I spoke to them privately to create an opportunity for communication and clarity,  ”she explained. Lil Mama also added that she had yet to receive a response from both parties . “  Having said that, the continued distortion of my brand in public will not be tolerated,  ” she said in closing.

In your opinion, are Jay-Z and Alicia Keys doing the right thing not to react to Lil Mama’s apology? In addition, it is very likely that the latter reacts by learning that Lila has returned to the incident concerning her.

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