Almighty Jay has fun in Las Vegas as YBN Nahimir mopes over lack of return on investment

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YBN Nahimir has spoken out about not enjoying his investment in Almighty jay. In response, the latter shows off with his ability to spend a fair amount of money on bottles in Las Vegas.

The current has not passed between YBN Nahmir and Almighty Jay for some time. The tension forced Almighty Jay, formerly a member of the Young Boss Nigga collective, to remove the YBN mention from his artist name. 

When the fight is essential as the only recourse 

 This dissociation and argument even almost ended in physical violence. Of the two, Jay is the more badass. He wanted to do battle with his former partner.

 “  He already knows I’m going to kick his ass, ” Jay said in an Instagram video. “You might as well  get paid to kick his ass and I want to do it in front of everyone. I’m the one trying to make the fight happen, how can I be nervous? You don’t know how badly I want this to go. If you’re skinny as hell, you know I’m gonna give you a hole in your ass.  “.

Nahmir also worked hard by attacking some of Jay’s collaborators. “  I tried to beat you, just like I beat your men and the others. When you see the injured cousin with all his black eyes, the guys won’t hit him with bottles this time around. Tell your friends to show us a place in Houston where we’re going . “

The sinews of war divides

The tensions between the two rappers originate from money problems. “  Two years ago, this little conflict between me and Nahmir… an incident ended up happening with guys I was cool with,  ” Jay explains in an instagram video. “  They ended up doing something and Nahmir got involved in one way or another. Mind you, I’m not cool with these niggas anymore now that the incident has happened  ”. In the end, Nahimir would have paid 10,000 dollars and Jay, three times this time. 

These various events greatly weakened YBN Nahmir Financially the founder of YBN seems not always to have recovered from his financial loss and what he called a betrayal. He spoke on Twitter on Sunday, December 5, 2021, mentioning that he has not made a return on investment on his team, especially on Almighty Jay on whom he has bet a lot.

“I gave it all to everyone and got nothing in return except a slap in the face,  ” Nahmir wrote on Sunday, December 5, a day before Almighty’s easy life was brought to light. Jay in Vegas. “Focus on yourself, it’s the only way to be yourself.  He concluded to help others not to make his mistake.

In response, Jay showed he was doing well both physically and financially. He shared his receipt for the bottle service. He shows that everything is going so well that he can afford an astronomical expense for nothing. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, $ 67,000 in bottles,  ” Jay wrote with a shrugging emoji next to an Instagram screenshot of his receipt. The receipt also shows that the bill comes to an impressive total of $ 7,387.05. Too much money spent and which will certainly hurt Nahimir, who is considered the biggest loser in history.

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