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When it comes to his potential hit singles, DJ Khaled doesn’t play games. Bryson Tiller once had to realize how serious his songs are. In the current episode of Drink Champs , Khaled now tells how he got the smash hit ” Wild Thoughts ” (2017) to the home straight. Rihanna ‘s involvement led to a few changes of plan.

DJ Khaled wants to climb over Tor to bag “Wild Thoughts”.

DJ Khaled originally signed Bryson Tiller on “Wild Thoughts” on vocals. However, when Rihanna got hooked on the song, that all changed, the 46-year-old tells hosts DJ EFN and NORE.

“RiRi jumped on it – thank God. A dream come true. Riri loved the record. We have a hit. I’ll never forget that RiRi changed the key of the record. She changed the key to make it her own When you’re a great artist, you make your own records. And she’s an icon, she’s a great artist, so she put her passion into it and raised the level, which was awesome.”

With Rihanna on the track, things had to be adjusted, according to Khaled. That means: Bryson Tiller was also in demand again. Although he agreed to a follow-up, he did not meet the deadlines. That worried Khaled. The release of the album was getting closer and Bryson Tiller just stopped responding to calls. It was about nothing less than “one of the biggest singles” in his career.

So DJ Khaled got in the car to visit the RnB star at home. But even there it fell on deaf ears and received no attention. “He has a goal. I flash my lights, honk, send texts. Nobody answers,” Khaled recalled. “I climbed onto the gate,” he adds. Then Bryson Tiller finally showed up. If you don’t believe this story, you should ask Bryson Tiller directly, who could possibly provide an even more “intense” version of the story.

The effort was definitely worth it. In the US alone, “Wild Thoughts” has been certified six times platinum. DJ Khaled’s new album ” God Did ” is scheduled for release next Friday (26 August 2022).

You can see his performance at Drink Champs here. From 1:43:00 DJ Khaled reports on his struggle with “Wild Thoughts”.

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