Alyssa Scott opens up about losing baby with Nick Cannon: “unbearable”

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The emotion of grieving a child is something that cannot be described. Over the years, Nick Cannon has often been teased for having multiple children with multiple wives, but no matter how teased the entertainment mogul has always said he loves having a big family. The rapper and his wife were delighted to welcome their newborn baby, Baby Zen, last June. But behind the curtain, the couple struggled with health issues with their little one.

A few days ago, Cannon tearfully announced to the world the death of Baby Zen due to hydrocephalus, a congenital disease that progresses in infectious form, or results in brain damage. Following this revelation, Alyssa also surfaced to publicly praise her newborn baby. “Oh my sweet Zen. The pain I felt in my arm holding you in my arms is slowly fading , ”she wrote in an Instagram caption. ”  It is a painful reminder that you are no longer there.”

She continues “I caught myself staring in the backseat as I drove to see that the mirror no longer reflected your perfect face back at me. When I close a door too loudly, I hold my breath and wince knowing a little cry will follow. He is not coming. The silence is deafening. For the past five months, we have competed in this race together. We passed the baton to each other. You allowed me to continue. In the middle of the night, you were smiling at me. A surge of energy filled my body and pure joy radiated through me. We were a team, both determined to see it through. It’s unbearable to run without you now. I can not. And at the moment, I feel carried. By your sister … By God. By complete strangers who encourage me not to give up.

Tens of thousands of people have shown their compassion to the grieving mother by offering her condolences and encouraging comments. We reiterate here our deepest condolences to Cannon, Scott and their loved ones.

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