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Surreal!? The bimbo Amber Rose is really not afraid of anything, and launches into rap and throws a single entitled GYHO … And engages against the American Supreme Court!

Amber Rose is not afraid of anything, and certainly not of taking on new challenges… even if it means competing with Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion and another Saweetie. Amber Levonchuck, her real name, has decided to start a career as a rapper at 38 years old. Ex-stripper, ex-owner of a pole dance club, ex of Rosa Acosta , ex of Kanye West, ex of Wiz Khalifa (to whom she was married from 2013 to 2014 and had a son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz), ex-21 Savage, ex of Alexander “AE” Edwards (with whom she had her 2nd child, Slash) she would be single for the moment , and is trying to enter the rap game. 10 years after posing alongside Wiz Khalifa on the song Fame. It is on a Mannie Fresh prod, that she offers the double single GYHO (for Get Your Ho On ), and introduces a 2nd one: Gotcha . For GYHO , she poses on a sample of Big Tymers and her song Get Your Roll On. For those who know the character, Amber didn’t look far to deliver her messages, it’s always about big wads, luxury big cars, booties, bitches, hoes and sex, because she don’t forget to brag about your skills in bed! With for the clips, what it takes in attitude, between provocativeness and other coquetry (she rolls a pele at an extra!). Besides, Big Tymers and his ex, Alexander “AE” Edwards (would they have reconnected?), make an appearance in the video. It remains to be seen what turn this new career will take for the one who was more used to playing the bimbo in rap clips, and going out with some of them.

Amber Rose – Gyho/Gotcha :


Between entertainment and commitment

While the message of her music is limited to conveying festive, sexy and flirtatious content, Amber has been much more vocal, as have rappers like Megan The Stallion , about the evolution of American politics in the face of the IVG. Thus she made known her dissatisfaction on the networks, faced with the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to annul the judgment Roe vs Wade , which, since 1973, granted American women the right to abort in all the country. While this choice of the Supreme Court delighted the traditional American right, another part of the population expressed its disagreement with this decline in women’s rights. The brand new rapper is one of them, especially since her song GYHOgoes, according to her, against this decision: “My song GYHO came out a day before they canceled the judgment Roe vs Wade, without doing it on purpose. I have to speak on this subject. GYHO is literally about people taking ownership of their bodies! And being a “Hoe” isn’t defined by gender. “Hoe” is a derogatory word that men and women use against other women to try to control our bodies and our sexuality. GYHOis an anthem expressing the freedom we should have to do what we want with our bodies. If we make mistakes, we have to live with them for the rest of our lives, but men don’t. Our sanity must suffer, our bodies must suffer when they [men] can just walk away. There has always been a war against women! What is happening in America right now is literally a bunch of men still trying to control us and watch over our bodies! I have been fighting against the patriarchy for years! Some of you may not like the way I do it, but this is my way of taking my power back!” Against all odds, and despite the messages she delivers, Amber Rose proves that she has her head on her shoulders.


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