‘An Evening With Silk Sonic’ Expected To Sell Over 100,000 Units In The First Week

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Silk Sonic has finally released their very first album after keeping their fans waiting for a long time. Called “An Evening with Silk Sonic”, the opus promises to cause a stir and a large number of fans would be inclined to buy it.

Silk Sonic makes numbers with his first project

The Silk Sonic group is made up of Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars . The duo released a number of hits during this year. From ”  Leave The Door Open  ” to ”  Skate  ” through ”  Smoking Out the Window  “, they got the public moving.

In all its contours, the opus An Evening With Silk Sonic unfolds a new way of joining different musical genres on the same track. Funk and soul have been modeled there with the colors of hip hop and modern R&B. Mars and .Paak have tried their hand on all instruments in the classic Silk Sonic way on the record.

The project is expected to reach 102,000 sales units in the first week according to HDD. The momentum given by ”  Smoking Out The Window  ” would allow An Evening With Silk Sonic to land at 2 nd place on the Billboard Top 200. As a reminder, the track debuted at 8 th place on the Bilboard Hot 100 of this week.

Create better music 

Following a recent interview with Ebro Darden, the band Silk Sonic recognized the potential success of their music. Paak and Mars have claimed that Silk Sonic’s goal is to work together to release better quality music.

“We just wanted it to feel like… special.” Instead of trying to be too cute with the concept, it’s like, man, what could be more special than Anderson Paak behind a drums singing a song and, you know, me having his comeback when that? is my turn, you know? “, Mars hinted.

. “I felt like a lot of my career, I did collaborations and everything, but it was good to be able to trust a guy, you know, try him like that great vocal producer, the one some of the greatest singers I’ve ever worked with and who just pushed me to a different level ”, .Paak. he added.

The next few days of the opus on streaming services will teach you more about the success it will meet with fans.

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