Angèle in full “doubt” for her second album: “Things have escaped me”

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Asked by AFP, Angèle explains that she felt great “pressure” when releasing her second album “Nonante-Cinq”. In the grip of “doubt”, the Belgian singer knew she was expected at the turn: “Things have escaped me”.
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It only took a handful of hits and an album to make Angèle one of the new emblematic stars of the French-speaking scene. With huge hits in her pocket like “Balance ton quoi” or “Toutoublie” and a debut album “Brol” sold more than 1.1 million copies in France , the Belgian singer has become a superstar in just a few months. . And she did it again last December with “Nonante-Cinq” , a highly anticipated second album. And success was once again there! Led by the hits “Bruxelles je t’aime” and “Démons” in duet with Damso, Angèle has already seduced 226.his tour is sold out in all the biggest halls in France. His latest single “Libre” promises to be one of the hits of the summer . However, the interpreter of “Flou” admits, she felt a certain ” pressure ” when releasing this second opus.

“I didn’t necessarily have the recipe”

” There are more doubts than before, ” she revealed in a recent interview with AFP, she who knew she was expected at the turn: ” My return with “Nonante-Cinq” was seen as that of a great confirmed artist: it’s very flattering, but very creepy. As if I had no room for error, when in fact it’s only my second album, my second tour ”. Evoking the ” indecent ” success of a first album which set ” the bar super high “, Angèle continues: ” I didn’t necessarily have the recipe, things escaped me “. Today, the doubt is ” still there, well established ” but at least,

“I learned to protect myself”

At the turn of the interview, the interpreter of “Yes or no” returns to the ” too important place ” of social networks, she who gives daily news to her fans on Instagram. It is also on said application that Angèle began by posting her first covers before becoming the star we know today. A virtual world that she describes as an “ increasingly powerful vortex ”: “ I learned to protect myself, before I had no awareness of what I was showing, especially for my private life. Now, I have set limits, but I don’t have the mental strength to get out of them yet ”. She was nevertheless able to talk about her doubts with Dua Lipa,. And she is delighted that her British colleague felt the same things: ” Having the same age, being two women spotted quite young thanks to the networks, very adored and very criticized, on different scales, it reassures me that an artist like her face the same fears as me ”. Two singers who, on their scale, make their audience vibrate. Because despite her questions, Angèle continues her tour at the Vieilles Charrues or the Francofolies de la Rochelle before continuing her tour until April 2023. She will notably be in concert on December 2 and 3 at Paris La Défense Arena.

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