Angèle’s song “Bruxelles je t’aime” is certified gold single by the snep

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After the remarkable success of her first album “Brol”, Angèle made her comeback with a tribute to her hometown. Entitled “Bruxelles je t’aime”, this single announced the release of the album “Nonante-Cinq”. This piece by the Belgian singer has just been certified gold single by the snep.

Angèle expresses her attachment to Belgium

After the song “Brussels is coming” by Romeo Elvis, Angela’s brother, it’s the turn of the youngest Van Laeken to let go of “Brussels I love you”. Indeed, Angèle wrote and composed this song during the first confinement, while she was stuck in her apartment in Paris. The Belgian singer has also multiplied the references to the flat country which literally entitles her second album “Nonante-Cinq”. During an interview about the promotion of her second album, Angèle spoke about the song “Bruxelles je t’aime”.

The singer explained her desire to assert her Belgianness: “ I am fortunate to work a lot in France, to have a lot of opportunities and a real French audience. It’s incredible, there were huge venues, but we shouldn’t start to think that I am French either (laughs). Rather, it’s the idea of ​​coming back to something sincere, real, authentic, whether I’m Belgian or not, and to always stay true to who I am and to be able to thank my Belgian audience also with this post- the “. “Brussels I love you, it’s a little answer to the song Brussels by Dick Annegarn”, which she had sung in the studio on 8/9 before being successful. “It’s one of the songs that really changed things. It was while singing this cover that Damso got to know me because he had heard it and liked it a lot.she revealed.

Angèle, the singer on a daily basis punctuated by music and social networks

In the space of a few months, the singer Angèle went from the status of a little-known artist to a Belgian star and representative of Generation Z. Indeed, it should be noted that the artist also owes this notoriety to social networks. This allows her to always be highlighted in traditional media, as she does not frequently release new sounds. However, Angèle does not see social networks as a means of promotion, but a tool that is more or less essential in her daily life. “  I have always kept a link with that and the closest with the public who follow me on the networks. It’s part of my life, of my daily life, even if obviously my relationship with has changed in five years and what I reveal is not the same as it was back then. »She confided.

The Belgian star may be spending time on social media, but his schedule is well coordinated, to the delight of his music. “  I couldn’t do anything else with so much desire and joy because I need too much to make music, to write. The purpose of being on stage requires a lot of work, but I love being with the public too much ” she savored.

A gold single resulting from hard work

On October 21, Angèle made her comeback with the first single from her album “Nonante-Cinq”. Entitled “Brussels I love you”, the singer declares her love for her hometown, Brussels. Three years after the exceptional success of her opus “Brol”, the Belgian singer has made her comeback by giving a meeting to her fans live on YouTube so that they can discover the clip of her new single. Through a train set imagined for a Paris-Brussels trip, the young Belgian artist hummed her love for the Belgian capital with a heady chorus.

In this piece, Angèle alludes to the Red Devils, to certain districts of Brussels and also evokes the recurring linguistic conflict. ”  And if one day she separates, and we have to choose a camp, it would be the worst nightmares, all for a language story  ”, before continuing with: ”  I lived my best stories in French and Flemish. Laat me het zeggen in vlaams. Dank uw Brussel voor mijn naam  ”, to refer to his surname Van Laeken.

With this piece, Angèle won over her audience. The playful, pop-up beat, similar to what the singer had previously offered, convinced fans who were online to stream the clip. On the social network Twitter, reactions from fans poured in to emphasize the quality of Angela’s new clip. This piece by the young Belgian artist has just been certified gold single by the snep. A certification more than deserved for the sister of Romeo considering the affluence that this single had had.

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