Are Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Expecting a Baby? Travis Barker Instagram Story causes chaos on the web

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If there is one thing we have to recognize, it is that they are good at turning fans upside down. Travis Barker recently shared a photo on Instagram that elicited a strong reaction from fans of the Barker-Kardashians couple.

Travis Barker shared a photo of a baby bottle in Instagram Story: Fans sure Kourtney is pregnant

Many followers wonder if Travis did it on purpose to send a message. In fact, the day after the Christmas party, Travis Barker , Kourtney Kardashian’s partner , shared a photo on Instagram. While we see the cartoon “How the Grinch stole Christmas” on TV, we especially notice a half-filled bottle lying on the table in front of Travis.

The fans reacted straight away. A fan echoed the photo, captioning, “Hi @travisbarker, you can’t just post a picture of a baby bottle and say ‘I’m just going to leave this there'”. For this one, this photo hides a message. Is this really the case?

While some are convinced that Travis Barker wanted to announce a possible pregnancy of Kourtney, others believe earlier that this bottle belongs to the couple Scott-Jenner. Indeed, a few months ago, we learned that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were expecting their second baby after Stormi, their first 3-year-old daughter. Since the couple have not specified how many months Kylie is with her pregnancy, some speculate that she has already given birth. 

“Kylie used exactly those bottles when Stormi was little,” one fan observed.

There are also those fans who assume the bottle is for the kitten that Jenner and Scott gave Stormi for Christmas. A few days ago, Kylie shared photos and videos of the kitten in Instagram Story.

However, neither the Barker-Kardashians nor the Scott-Jenner couple have reacted to all of these comments so far. 

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