Ari Lennox arrested in Amsterdam: singer complains of racial profiling

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The setbacks between actors of the musical world and the security forces are common. During her last visit to Amsterdam, singer Ari Lennox paid the price since she was arrested for disturbing public order and was taken into police custody.

Ari Lennox victim of racial profiling

Through a heated tweet , Ari Lennox said she was arrested in the Netherlands over complaints of racial profiling . The latest news is that airline staff have allegedly performed acts that are part of such an infamy against the rapper. Specifically, it was with a member of the staff of the KLM company that she had problems .

According to the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, racial profiling is defined as  : “  Use by the police, without objective and reasonable justification, of grounds such as race, color, language, religion, nationality or national or ethnic origin in activities of control, surveillance or investigation  ”.

Very uplifted, the singer stepped up to tweet this  : “  Fuck Amsterdam’s security. They hate black people. I was arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a woman who was racially profiling me  ”. She also wrote: “  Racism. Wow Amsterdam, I am horrified. I was so happy to travel and this evil woman… I have never known such blatant racism  ”.

Ari Lennox accused of disturbing public order

Contrary to the claims of the singer who collaborated with Summer Walker on her album “  Still Over It  ”, the Dutch military police have a different reasoning. She accuses him of disturbing public order, which justifies the arrest of the young woman just after her landing at Schiphol airport this very morning. A representative of the unit also accuses him of drunkenness in public and aggression towards airline personnel.

To this end, spokesperson Robert van Kapel said  : “  Our unit found a woman full of emotions, who did not want to calm down. That is why she had to be taken into custody  ”. The Unloyal performer with Summer Walker remains in custody while law enforcement investigates her alleged threats .

We hope that in the next few hours, light will be shed on this matter and that Ari Lennox will be released and cleared of all charges .

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