Arrest of Ari Lennox: his manager takes stock

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Yesterday morning just after landing in Amsterdam, singer Ari Lennox had a dispute with a member of the Police staff . This resulted in him being arrested and placed in police custody for disturbing public order. His manager talks about the situation.

Ari Lennox accused of disturbing public order

Through a tweet that showed great anger, Ari Lennox informed Internet users of his arrest in Amsterdam . She complained of racial profiling and the police disregarded her arrested for dangerous behavior.

Indeed, a Dutch police report accused Ari Lennox of drunkenness in public and threatening airline employees and security personnel. Fans and internet users were painfully awaiting new information in this case, including whether the singer Unloyal has been released. His manager provides little or no clarification.

Point by Justin LaMotte, manager of Ari Lennox

Justin LaMotte brought positive information to the Ari Lennox community . About the arrest by the Dutch police he said this:

“  Hey everyone, Ari is safe and appreciates the support of everyone who hears from him  .” Although the message is reassuring, it does not suggest any information concerning the outcome of the young woman’s situation . This uncertainty is further reinforced by this tweet from Ari published yesterday saying: “  I just want to go home. I will never leave my house again  ”.

Depending on the turn of events, it is highly likely that the proceedings in this matter will be handled with complete discretion .

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