Arrest of Ari Lennox in Amsterdam: the latest information

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This week began with the news of singer Ari Lennox’s arrest in Amsterdam moments after landing. The singer complained of racial profiling by an employee while police accused him of disturbing public order. Recently, details of the altercation between her and the KLM employee were made public. Ari would have even apologized.

The altercation between Ari Lennox and the employee of KLM in detail

Ari Lennox says she got angry because the KLM employee at the airport was racially profiling her. However, the police keep another version and say that they got angry because the said employee asked for her passport . Instead of cooperating, the singer handed over other documents and worse, bad documents . The Maréchaussée had to intervene because the artist was aggressive and drunk.

In this regard, the spokesperson for the airline said: “  There was an altercation. It was a question of seeing his identification . The lady did not show the correct document. When the employee confronted her, she drew the wrong conclusions . Meanwhile, her management has apologized to us and she will make a statement later today  ”. This statement totally contradicts the claims of Ari Lennox who apparently overreacted.

Universal Music apologizes on behalf of Ari Lennox

Here is information that few people had. The management of the singer would have apologized by saying this: “  The management of Ari Lennox apologizes for his behavior. She cannot do it on her own, as she is still in detention . But later tonight she will also make a statement  ”. Her manager also spoke out , but he remained evasive about the young woman’s situation.

Last I heard, the singer has not yet really explained this delicate matter concerning her. However, yesterday she updated her social media feed for the first time in days, assuring her fans that she is doing well .

The message she sent to her community read: “  Hey friends, I’m safe. Thank you very much for your prayers and your love  ”. It is difficult to determine with precision whether the young woman has already been released or not.

We hope to get more positive information from you on this in the coming days.

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