Arrest of Fretty Wap: the rapper is now free on $ 500,000 bail

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Arrested on federal drug charges on October 28, 20121 , Fretty Wap is now free to move around . We present you the latest information on the rapper’s news in this article.

The rapper was accused of trafficking in arms and drugs

On October 28, as the famous Daily Mail reported, Fretty Wap was arrested by the FBI on federal drug charges. The rapper was arrested at Citi Field Stadium in New York City, which is slated to host the Rolling Loud hip-hop festival . He was even called to perform on occasion after many years in the shadows, but unfortunately he no longer took the stage. Indeed, Willie Junior Maxwell II, as he is called in the civil registry, is not the only person who has been apprehended. He was one of a dozen people indicted in this case. There are six members of the group who were accused of marketing heroin and fentanyl during the Rolling Loud music festival. These include Kavaughn Wiggins, Brian Sullivan, brothers Robert and Anthony Leonardi, and New Jersey correctional officer Anthony Cyntje .

In this regard, US Attorney Breon Peace is said to have said: “  As alleged, the defendants transported, distributed and sold more than 100 kilograms of deadly and addictive drugs, including heroin and fentanyl, on Long Island, deliberately contributing to the opioid epidemic that has devastated our communities and taken too many lives  ”. Thus, it would have been expected that he would remain in prison until his trial. Having learned of this statement, many fans have lost hope of finding their idol on stage, who has remained far from the media radars due to a succession of arrests he has suffered.

Good news for Fretty Wap fans: the rapper released under certain conditions

While we are still in the fortnight after his arrest , Fretty Wap is now free to move . CNN reports that this release would come with many conditions and especially a considerable deposit. Indeed, the outlet states that he posted his bond of $ 500,000 and has since been released, but under close surveillance. US District Judge Joanna Seybert comes to approve his release under certain conditions: GPS monitoring, random drug testing, that he surrender his passport and receive approval before traveling .

For now, it is not yet known whether the rapper will have to return to court again. The least we can hope for is its return to the forefront of the music scene with new music. So, tell us in the comments what you think of this artist who has repeatedly had problems with the law?

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