Artists react to end of conflict between Drake and Kanye West

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The hip-hop community is delighted to see two of the greatest artists of the past decades reconcile and put their differences aside. On Tuesday night, Kanye West and Drake both posted on social media about their reunion in Toronto, at Drake’s mansion with J. Prince, and the end of their conflict.

It comes days after Kanye shared a video with J. Prince reaching out to Drake in an effort to convince the rapper to perform with him at a charity concert for Larry Hoover who is currently serving six sentences. to life in prison on charges related to gang activity. Hoover’s son urged Drake to accept Ye’s peace offer, claiming that Drake is ”  a leader and leaders make decisions that people follow.” While it has not yet been confirmed that Drake will join Ye on stage, it is likely that they had this conversation and worked out the details last night.

In a photo West – who recently legally changed her name to Ye – shared on Instagram, the two rappers can be seen posing for a photo alongside Ye’s friend J. Prince. Ye captioned the image with a white dove emoji.

The hip-hop community is delighted to see Drake and Ye return on good terms

The whole hip-hop community is happy to see them on good terms again – especially some of the artists who have worked with the two and no longer need to choose sides. In the comments to Drake’s post, dozens of top performers celebrated the moment, including Lil Baby, Quavo, Chief Keef, and many more. “  Yessirr Straightenin,” Quavo wrote on the video. “  Hard, ” Chief Keef said. “  Big, ” wrote NAV. “  Holy shit,” exclaimed Jaden Smith. “  It’s a better look when two of the best guys in our culture are building together and not destroying each other hi,” added Hitman Holla.

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