As a man rushes at Gunna, he finds himself thrown to the ground as his shoes fly off

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To protect his boss, the guardrail is ready to put his life in danger. Except that here it is Gunna’s guardrail that puts a man’s life in danger. And even the latter’s shoes are not spared.

To protect Gunna, his security guard sends a man waltz to the ground in a jewelry store

Everyone has their own way of spending the holiday season. While Drake plays basketball with his son, Coi Leray enjoys a waterfall with his boyfriend, Gunna chooses to go shopping and treat herself to new items.

He went to a jewelry store this Wednesday, December 29. This is Mr. Alex Jewelers located at Lexington Avenue in New York. Gunna was shopping there when a man, a fan, rushed over to him. In his tracks, he was caught by a security guard of the rapper and who quickly sent him to the ground. His shoes also took off.

He was then overpowered in this position while security guards and the rapper attempted to intervene. The altercation was filmed and posted on social media. Some find the reaction of the guardrail very thorough. On the other hand, others applaud him for his job well done given the assaults and murders of which artists are often victims.

There is also a detail in the video that has gone viral that has not escaped internet users. Indeed, we see Gunna dressed in a set with white and purple stripes. Several negative comments have flooded the web on this subject.

“Gunna donned the Arkham City DLC costume,” one fan wrote on twitter.

“Gunna is dressed like the Cheshire Cat” laughed another.

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