Asian Doll smashed by followers of the late Young Dolph after her controversial tribute post

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While the Hip-Hop community still mourns the death of Young Dolph through vibrant tribute messages, rapper Asian Doll is accused of wanting to take advantage of the situation to promote her career. She is the subject of great criticism after the timely return of an old post she posted in 2014.

Controversy over Asian Doll’s tribute to the late Young Dolph

On Wednesday November 17th ,  the Hip-Hop community tragically lost Young Dolph  , one of the most consistent southern rappers and one of the music industry’s most ardent advocates of independence . The Memphis rapper was shot and killed Wednesday at the age of 36 while going to run a cookie for his mother at Memphis Makeda’s Cookies bakery . Dolph, born Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., is survived by his two children and his partner Mia Jaye .

Devastated by this extreme affliction, a myriad of fans, celebrities and hip-hop artists have stepped up to express their condolences and share their exhilarating memories of the beloved Memphis rapper. Among the lot is Asian Doll, who paid tribute to Young through a message on her twitter account. But, her message of tribute to the late artist quickly backfired in a span of time.

“  Dam Dolph just asked me to go on tour with him in February and I said yes; Damn man so sad that everyone loved dolph RIP [dolphin emoji] [blue heart emoji],  ”she wrote on twiter. And as if the previous tweet did not allow him to express all his grief , the artist of “Nunnadet Shit” returned to the charge to mourn the death of Young Dolph with another tweet: ”  Shit, man so sad, everyone loved Dolph . »She added

Asian Doll accused of profiteering, and dragged in the mud

Very quickly, Doll’s homage messages aroused great indignation in the ranks of the deceased’s followers . Several fans criticized the comments of the Asian Doll tour , saying she was chasing her influence and trying to turn the situation to her advantage. And so to prove the truth of their point, other fans have referred to his previous actions after the death of King Von last year. Caught in a trap of her own, Asian Doll was forced to delete the original tweet . But that’s without making sure that his act wasn’t nearly enough to stop fans in their tracks.

In addition, fans went to dig up one of his old tweets from 2014 which seems to confirm the suspicions. A message with which fans of the Memphis rapper questioned the legitimacy of his previous statements. This is an old publication in which she claims that Young Dolph’s musical work is ”  junk .” Others even showed off a video of her alongside Blac Youngsta, Dolph’s nemesis . So much evidence that comforts fans in their position that Asian Doll only sheds crocodile tears.

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