Astroworld attendees may waive their right to sue the event organizers by accepting any refunds

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The lawsuits Travis Scott and the Astroworld festival organizers have received are already in triple digits and more are underway . These legal actions arise because of the tragedy which occurred on Friday, November 05, on the occasion of the event organized by Live Nation. Faced with the unfortunate events that followed the first day of Astroword Jacques Berman and the organizers have taken certain steps in order to come to the aid of the victims .

Travis Scott announces reimbursement of his tickets

On the night of Friday 05 to Saturday 06, eight people were killed and 25 others were hospitalized during the Astroworld concert given by Scott headlining in Houston, when the crowd swarmed and people were trampled or that others went into cardiac arrest. The dead include a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old , and authorities confirmed on Saturday that a 10-year-old was in critical condition. As a reminder, more than 50,000 people attended the event at NRG Park in Houston.

To show their commitment to the victims of this tragedy , festival organizers issued a statement saying that individual refunds would be offered to everyone who purchased tickets for the event. Following this declaration, social networks were strongly shaken and according to information sources, some participants would be ready to accept the said reimbursement.

A reimbursement frowned upon by legal experts

In an interview with Insider, personal injury lawyer Neama Rahmani confirmed that accepting a refund may very well invoke a waiver of arbitration , detailing the circumstances under which this could be the case. . “  Courts usually uphold these types of waivers, ” says Ms. Rahmani, co-founder of West Coast Trial Lawyers. “  The classic case is that of arbitration agreements. Nobody reads the fine print, and guess what, you’ve given up your right to a jury trial, your right to sue, to seek arbitration . “

A local Houston station also turned to legal analyst Carmen Roe who confirmed Rahmani’s claims. When asked what concert goers should look for before accepting any reimbursement offered by Travis Scott , she replied, “  What they should look for specifically is the word ‘Waiver’, ‘Consent. ‘,’ Agreement ‘of any kind. Most importantly, they have to worry if they are asked to sign anything. ” 

She goes on to say: “  Refunds should not be accompanied by a signature. So in this particular case, Live Nation suggested that they were going to reimburse these people, and that everything was going to be fine. This should in no case require their signature. ” 

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