Astroworld Festival drama: death toll rises with death of 9-year-old boy

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The death toll is now 10 for the deadly stampede that occurred on the night of Friday, November 5, 2020 in Houston.

From 8 dead, the death toll reached double digits. A tenth victim had her name entered in the death register after 22-year-old student Bharti Shahani. This 10th victim in terms of death holds everyone’s attention and compassion as it is a 9-year-old child named Ezra Blount.
The young boy had been admitted to the Texas Children’s Hospital with a bleak clinical picture and too much for someone his age. Ezra had suffered damage to his lungs, kidneys and heart. He also had swelling of the brain caused by cardiac arrest. He therefore remained in an artificial coma which was not enough to bring him back to life entirely.
News of his death was confirmed by Stefania Okolie of ABC13 Houston. She tweeted a message with the photo of the young deceased at 2:46 a.m. early this Monday morning. His message, which also specifies the circumstances of the many traumas suffered by the child, was summed up in: ” My heart. Ezra Blount, 9, who was stepped on after falling from his father’s shoulders at AstroWorld, died in Texas Children’s Hospital after a week on life support. He fought hard, but ultimately there was another plan. Thank you for raising his family in prayer . “

Work for lawyers

Law firms are taking advantage of this tragedy. He quickly offered their service to the victims of the Astroworld Festival and the number of complaints already filed is significant. In the case of young Ezra, his family is represented by civil rights lawyer Ben Crump who was quick to publish a statement online. ” The Blount family mourns the incomprehensible loss of their precious young son,  ” he said before continuing to announce the lawsuits. “It shouldn’t have been the result of taking their son to a concert, which should have been a joyous celebration. Ezra’s death is absolutely heartbreaking. We are committed to seeking answers and achieving justice for the Blount family. But we are united with the family, in sorrow and in prayer . “

Travis Scott relies on his legal department

Lawyer McPherson is trying to defend his client and in recent days he has taken action to balance the balance of information about Travis Scott’s responsibility in the Astroworld Festival tragedy. He first demonstrated that his client did not have all the elements to assess the drama. He claimed that the information did not reach his client until the next day. He did not fail to point out the wait-and-see attitude of the police officers during the tragedy or even the festival’s operational plan which stipulates that only the festival director and the executive producers have the authority required to stop the show.

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