Astroworld Festival, Toosii cries out for recovery

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The more information about the Astroworld tragedy spreads, the stronger the popular sling against Travis Scott. The rapper suffers a backlash Travis Scott, a growing backlash. The rapper went in the space of a few days, from the status of the best-selling artist in the world to that of the outcast of the industry, from which companies, festivals, and the public are now distancing themselves. Scott has reportedly been banned from the new Kardashian-Jenner reality show . But above all, some of his peers seem to want to recover his fans.

Toosi criticizes artists who capitalize on what happened with Travis Scott

Since last weekend’s Astroworld festival, photos and videos of artists interrupting their concerts to check in with their fans have surfaced.

Toosii shared his thoughts in a since-deleted tweet, where he complained about artists who appear to be riding the anti-Travis Scott wave giving the false impression that they care about their audience when they don’t necessarily have to.

“Why are all these artists dragging their feet now that something just happened with Travis?” “ Has he wrote. “Now everyone just wants to take care of their fans?” You don’t care about your fans, some have never even taken pictures with them. ” 

Scott reportedly lost sponsorship deals and even canceled an overseas show where he was due to earn $ 5.5 million.

Many people supported Scott during this time, saying no one was aware of the devastation going on in the audience. Still, some reports say officials have been told to stop the show due to the high number of injuries, and old footage of Scott telling his fans to ‘party’ have been circulating the world.

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