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Travis Scott played a concert in front of almost 50,000 people as the headliner of his Astroworld Festival last night . In unrest in the audience, at least eight people are said to have died. Other visitors were injured. The second day of the concert planned for today was canceled spontaneously.

8 people die at Travis Scott Astroworld Festival

While Travis Scott’s appearance it is in the crowd to a stampede have come after the audience urged towards the stage. Some visitors are said to have lost their consciousness, which probably led to further panic.

In total, over 300 people were injured. Eleven people suffered cardiac arrest. The youngest patient admitted to the hospital is said to have been only ten years old. At least eight people lost their lives.

After it became known that people had been injured, the performance was canceled.

People come to the Astroworld festival site without a ticket

Before Travis’ concert, videos were circulating on the net showing people tearing down the fences on the festival site to get in without a ticket.

Several hundred are said to have come to the concert illegally.


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